Good morning everyone!

Let me introduce myself;

I’m Urs, I’m one of the founders of GOSOAKY and creative director.

I love fashion and food and my favourite music is hiphop and soul. And yes, I like [puddle] dancing.

At GOSOAKY my focus is the collection. I’m very passionate about it because it feels like my baby.

Every season we push ourselves to improve the collection, develope new techniques and materials and make more exciting new steps.

We started GOSOAKY with a simple but big quest: to make the best rainwear for kids in the whole wide world! For us this meant high quality waterproof gear that protects you in any storm (while still looking very good:-). But we soon noticed that our garments were so much more than just rainwear. We started experimenting with new unexpected materials like denim and sweat, but then waterproof! And soon we transitioned from GOSOAKY rainwear to GOSOAKY WATERPROOFS, and now…OUTERPROOFS


And I’m super proud of it!

But what’s an outerproof I hear you say.

Well it’s waterproof, technical, fashionable, for every day and made with GOSOAKY love.

I’ll explain all of this further down, but if you are a bit like me and like things to be explained in a fun short movie then click here!

For those still reading :P, here is some technical information behind all of our items.

The initial base of every item we make is that it is totally waterproof.

From kid’s rainwear, kids outerwear jackets, rain pants, dog jackets to all adult styles, we have your back in the rain. Sometimes it doesn’t look like rainwear at all! All fabrics are coated in different mm column pressures. Some fabrics have a coating on the outside and some fabrics have a coating on the inside.

After stitching, all seams are taped or sealed, to make the item really waterproof. This is all done by hand. So you can imagine how complicated this process is.

Depending on the coating we have breathable or wind resistant items.

In our GOSOAKY collection there are 3 capsules;

And in all capsules, the styles range from iconic to innovative.

1] Puddle pioneers.

In this section we showcase the typical rainwear styles. This capsule instantly conveys rainwear due to the classic material use. Our signature sealing technique on all the seams of these items ensure that no water can go through, so you really stay dry!

2] On-The-Go.

Although the jackets here [summer or winter jackets] look like normal outerwear, are all completely waterproof and breathable. Super handy when you’re outside and there’s an unexpected rain shower.

Some of these jackets have backpack straps so you can wear them on your back.

3] Get Active.

This is a new range, which we have from AW19 on.

These styles can be worn everyday but are most suitable for outdoor activities. This season brings ski and snowboard items for instance!

…And of course are still waterproof and breathable!

Besides all this we’ve added a high quality Japanese water repellent finish to lots of our fabrics. That way water simply glides off the fabrics.

We use biodegradable fillings and recycle where possible.

Wow, I’ll shut up now….need to get back to work before the day’s gone.

Hope this was interesting, and of course if you would ever like to know anything or have any suggestions we are all ears!

Cheers, Urs

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