GOSOAKY is an Amsterdam based brand, specialized in making OUTERPROOFSTM. Our intelligent outerwear is designed to protect your family in any outdoor situation. We create multifunctional products that adapt to a modern lifestyle and love developing smart materials that work with the body and make room for play.

Our story began with the weather and it’s fluctuating nature. Sudden showers, burst of wind and sun influence our daily activities. Especially when you are a family on the go. We believe that kids should be able to play outside, feel free and go out on adventure, rain or shine. This can be seen as difficult when the weather turns but, like many things in life, that won’t change the forecast! The good thing is that we can learn to ride with the waves, and in some cases the solution is pretty simple: you just need the right outerwear. So the quest began to find high quality apparel to protect our kids against the elements. We searched and searched for the perfect companions that could take us from outdoor adventures to city life and back.

So on a rainy day in 2015, founders Urs Hasham, Fleur van Noesel and Johanna Carlier came together and GOSOAKY was born. Joining their knowledge of long careers in fashion and eager approach to create something exciting and essential.

GOSOAKY quickly grew from an idea to a successful brand and we found out that our struggle to find the perfect waterproof outerwear was shared by many families all over the world.

All our OUTERPROOFSTM are handmade with great attention to detail. Each GOSOAKY is either waterproof or water repellent, with taped or sealed seams, technical details and materials to ensure that your kids really are OUTERPROOF. The balance between innovation, fashion and classic silhouettes make each GOSOAKY perfect for everyday use. We believe that you should get the most out of a garment, especially because kids grow so fast. That’s why each GOSOAKY is built to last by using only high quality materials and finishes. We hope to encourage you to pass on your GOSOAKY to a sibling or friend :-). The GOSOAKY design studio always adjusts and improves the OUTERPROOFSTM to make them timeless, free from animal products or harmful chemicals and leaving as little waste as possible. Read more about this in WE CARE.

It’s this endless love for fashion and playful approach to technical design that makes each collection exciting and unexpected for both kids as parents.