Twinning is winning

Twinning is winning

These little ladies know the real meaning of twinning, they do it every day.

It's about time that we introduced you to some real cool kids, ones we actually found around the block. Whut?! Yeah. Really. These amazingly fresh twins live in Johanna’s neighbourhood and when she saw them one day with their mum, Johanna said: HOLD UP! Why aren’t you guys modelling for us yet?? And the rest was (untold) history.

It’s been super cool seeing these sassy ones rock the photo shoots, running around, striking a pose, laughing a lot and cuddling each other aaalllll the time (it’s really their thing).

So give it up to Lee-Mae + Quinn!

These little ladies know the real meaning of twinning, they do it every day. And really won’t have it any other way. When Lee-Mae and Quinn arrived at our last shoot for AW17 they even wore identical princess dresses with magical capes. These (nearly) 4 year olds love dressing up and sure know how to make an entrance. Next to looking very, very fabulous, Lee-Mae and Quinn like to dance around on to all the songs from Trolls the movie, English spoken or Dutch, nothing kills their vibe. At home they enjoy the company of their three fish, which they named Lee-Mae, Quinn and papa Toni. How cool is that?! But they find the neighbour’s dog more interesting, even though they actually named their pet fish after themselves. These kids are pretty tough, jumping around, climbing trees and lots of running. Lee-Mae and Quinn really seem to like all the same stuff, except for one thing: water.

Where Lee-Mae is a true dolphin, who likes to jump into the deep end of the swimming pool, Quinn keeps it cool and collected with her feet on the ground. We can’t wait to see how these cuties grow up!

Their favourite GOSOAKY item is their little Crouching Tiger rain capes, we think it looks really good to! Spot these young ones in our AW17 look book right here

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*Funny fact: Lee-Mae + Quinn were the only real twins in the photoshoot, the rest was MAGIC (Ahum.. Photoshop).

Grover and out!

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