The Life Aquatic

The Life Aquatic

After weeks of anticipation the moment has finally arrived! The new collection is here and it’s full of fun new styles and material developments that will blow your socks off! Yeah that’s right, there are socks flying around everywhere now… So what’s new then? Brace yourself for some crazy cool materials. How about some amazing coated denim? Yes, actual waterproof denim. Did you think that you would never walk through the pouring rain while wearing one of fashions legends? Did you think that the small ones would never look like little mechanics whilst jumping in massive puddles? Well luckily this is all about to change! The SS18 kids collection features denim jackets, jumpsuit, pants and backpack, with all the details your beloved jeans have. Next to denim this season brings beautiful ruffles, sporty anoraks, reversible bombers, summer trench coats, coated sweat, detachable inner-jackets that you can mix and match and lightweight and breathable materials. All a 100% waterproof!

To launch our new collection we had a very special photo shoot at the beach. Inspired by one of our ultimate favourite movies: Wes Anderson’s “The life Aquatic”.

This ridiculously good-looking movie follows the story of oceanographer Steve Zissou and his crew on their hunt for a mythical shark that ate his companion. Besides getting into a lot of unnecessary trouble, like the time they get kidnapped by pirates…, Zissou and the squad also look mega, mega cool in their signature blue co-ords and red beanie’s. Hey, they even look like they would rock our new denim jumpsuit! And a life involved with water is of course the GOSOAKY way. Living the Life Aquatic, let’s go!

It was a super fun and wild photo shoot at the beach, we built a monkey bar for the kids and just let them do what kids do best. Play!

Our little models did a great job, we bet that Zissou would be thrilled if these guys joined his crew :)

Get ready to live The Life Aquatic too and check out the new collection right here!

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