The green March

The green March

March is off to a green start! Last Sunday 40.000 people walked through the streets of Amsterdam. The pouring rain didn’t stop the Climate March and its mission to urge the government to make better decisions concerning the environment. No more vague plans but action, right now! And today the National Week Without Meat (de Nationale Week Zonder Vlees) has started too here in the Netherlands. Just avoiding meat for one week shows some bewildering statistics: One grown up saves 130 litres of water, 76 kilometres in the car (equivalent to 13.3 kg CO2 exhausts) and 770 grams of animal meat. Pretty shocking as that is just for one person in one week. Think about the impact if your whole family participates!

We try to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible and are always looking for smarter and green options for our outerwear production. All GOSOAKY items have biodegradable fillings instead of down. And we never use leather or other animal products. We also do nearly everything on the bike, that’s why a good waterproof coat is so essential! But creating a sustainable brand also starts in the work place itself. We for instance choose not to eat meat at the GOSOAKY headquarters. Even though just one of us is a true vegetarian. The others are more flexitarian. We always love to eat super yummy salads filled with greens and beans.

But how do you do this with small kids? Getting them to eat can be a big deal at the dinner table; so filling them with conscious + healthy food can be an even bigger challenge. Sometimes it’s good to keep it simple, our mamas have two trick meals that are kid-friendly, with no meat and can be made with healthy stuff too!

Spaghetti Monsters
Pasta remains to be a fool proof meal for most fussy feeders. You can choose funny shapes and even get vegetable pasta, which is super coloured and also healthy. And then you can just simply add veggie balls instead of meat to the tomato sauce to get your true Lady and the Tramp meal.

Happy meal
What’s more fun than cooking together! Making burgers is super easy and kids love them. Instead of real meat you use a good veggie burger. Slice all the ingredients like the tomatoes and lettuce and start building with the burgers the kids! Sweet potato wedges from the oven are a great alternative to actual French fries.

We will for sure not be eating any meat this week and hope to have inspired you at home to try it out with the whole family too if you haven’t yet! It just shows how much the small things matter :-D


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