The Easter hare is coming to town!

The Easter hare is coming to town!

The Easter hare is coming to town!

Yes, other countries have a bunny, but us….we have a hare….…No worries, hares are pretty awesome and we do have egg hunting too though…thank goodness! 71% of all Dutchies hold an Easter egg hunt during Easter. And this can get pretty wild. Some people are super fanatic: it seems that half of them cheat!! Especially the men….but word on the street is that they eat more Easter eggs than women anyway so guess it’s ok then.......

Have you ever wondered how many of chocolate eggs we eat during Easter? There are some extremely remarkable conclusions according to an Easter egg-research done by Gitte Hessels. So sit back, relax and read on; these statistics could be a nice subject to make your Easter-brunch less boring.

The average amount of Easter eggs that Dutch people will munch on is (hold your horses!) 47!!! And 34 of these will already be eaten before Easter. During Easter we each eat another 13 to keep the party going.

Apparently in the east part of the country they eat even more! There the average is 59 per person…. Whereas in the middle they are less into the Easter egg thing and eat ‘only’ 35 of these eggy delights.

When these Easter-eggs hit the stores things can get a little crazy. 42% of the Dutchies run straight to the store to get them. They won’t wait until it’s Easter and get straight to business. No one can get in between a Dutchie and their Easter eggs. We’ve been eating ourselves silly for weeks at the office…

Half of the people choose the eggs by their looks instead of the taste…. I guess that in the case of the Easter egg, function really follows form.

Never thought about it…but yeah I want my Easter-egg jar on the table to look pretty too….haha, got me there!

70% of the Dutch people like to buy loads of different tastes, just to be sure to have the taste that their friends/family (or in my case my colleagues) are into and to keep the egg complaints to a minimum.

And like 70% of the Dutch people, I also like to buy the very special tastes like ‘caramel sea salt’, even though those special ones are mostly more expensive. Some would call this true “eggication”.

And then it’s the moment every one has been waiting for. The hunt is over and all the eggs are in teasing bowls set out on the dining table. Everyone is eyeing them up and down and clawing hands quickly start to grab the yummiest ones first. Sometimes fights break out over who can get the last caramel sea salt egg. It’s pretty intense. So it appears at the inside of the egg is more important after all!

But what is actually considered 'delicious’…?!?!? Age is a deciding factor in this case. Young people tend to pick out the milk chocolate ones, whilst older people care more for the pure chocolate ones. And how funny, but true…students go often for the white chocolate ones. What’s that about?!

And why is everything so yellow around Easter time? Well I didn’t know that but I looked it up: Easter is a Christian thing, and in the Christian world yellow is the colour of light, listening, glory but also the colour of envy and betrayal.

Before the Christian era yellow, rabbits and eggs were a sign of fertility. Christianity adopted the Easter egg and saw it as a sign of resurrection. Besides that, yellow is a really cool colour in general and chicks are of course yellow, and daffodils are also yellow....I guess we, at GOSOAKY can't stay behind…..So get any yellow item in our web shop and use code: ILOVEYELLOW at the check out to get free shipping!

Have a great Easter and good luck with the egg hunt!

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