The Day of Love

The Day of Love

Yesterday was the 14th of February. It was just a regular Wednesday but there were still a lot of sparks flying around! Some people were jumping up and down with bunches of flowers or standing in front of windows in the rain with big boom boxes held in the air to woo their boo. Whilst others decided to spend this day of love alone watching Forrest Gump or singing “All my single ladies” with their best friends. And then you had the ultimate V-day gangsters who sent Da Vinci Code love declarations to their secret crushes...

Whichever way you decided to spend Valentines Day, there's no denying that it does feel a bit special (in a good or a bad way, that’s up to you ;)

So what’s this V-day lark all about then?

We humans celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February. It’s the day of the anonymous love, because we're all a little bit shy and afraid to be rejected. And in some cases we just like to tell that special person that we still kinda, totally like them (even after centuries of their bad jokes).

But isn’t it a bit silly that this is only celebrated once a year and not everyday? Spread the love all day, everyday right!?

You know who like to spread the love as much as they like to spread their wings? PENGUINS!

Yes that’s right. Penguins aren’t even in the slightest bit afraid to show their love. Their only problem is that they can’t send flowers or letters because they don’t have postal service… so what’s their secret?? How did they become the Barry White’s of the animal kingdom?


  • You don’t see them, but penguins have ears. They're not deaf. On the contrary; they can hear love songs above and under water and use this to recognize their loved one. Penguins love to hear nice things about themselves. We humans like to hear a compliment from time to time too. You could say something like: Wow, you have a remarkably good head for wearing hats.
  • The speed of love of the penguin is 35 km/hour. We don’t really know how you can apply this information IRL (or where we got this information from...), but you could maybe just try to run after your crush really, really fast, it will sure get you noticed right?
  • Sometimes fighting is good for a relationship… Penguin’s look super cute but they can make a lot of noise and sometimes this get's pretty nasty… So be like Beyonce and Jay-Z and write whole albums about your fights and get super duper rich. If that doesn’t seem realistic then you can always try to be honest with each other in a sweet way. TIP: start sentences with: “I feel that you are a silly smelly lizzard” instead of “you are a silly smelly lizzard”.
  • Penguins do a lot together. Example: building a nest. Why not do something together for in the house? Going to IKEA is a good place to start.
  • Do funny things together… penguins like to slide on their belly, this saves a lot of time and energy when getting around and you can race each other… So why not try this together too?
  • A penguin is always dashingly dressed. They wear a smoking every day! That’s really classy and it helps out with their love game… So take notice of this and dress in what makes you feel super sassy and confident. If you’re happy with yourself this will always be noticed by others and ensure that you have dazzling day… Rain or shine, crazy in love or happily single!
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