The Concrete Jungle Book (an Autumn Winter Tale)

The Concrete Jungle Book (an Autumn Winter Tale)

Once upon a time…

There was a bunch of kids that just loved to go out on adventure.The concrete jungle was their very own playground. They would jump in puddles and get into a bit of mischief. Each day was bright and sunny…

Even when it was raining cat’s and dogs!

But how is such a thing possible you ask?

Well, let me tell you a little secret:

Each one of these kids had magical waterproof outerwear. With very special powers…That made any drizzling day… a dazzling one!

No way?!

Yeah way :D

And now you and your small one can join in on the splashing fun with our brand new AW18 collection. The wait is officially over people!

This season brings popping hues, funky frills and gets pretty wild in general. Wild? Yeah literally kinda wild, with a fun camouflage print with hidden animals and bomber jackets with embroidered horses. Your fav classics like ELEPHANT MAN and LAZY GEESE return in new colours. Things get warm and cosy with BROTHER BEAR, a delicious new puffer jacket with biodegradable filling. There's some pretty cool material developments like coated waterproof denim, twill and sweat. Sleeves and hoods come off, because…Why not! GUINEA PIG is the new girls jacket on the block that will make you want it to get cold like right now. SNAKE PIT with it’s inner-jackets also joins in for another season. Coats can be worn as capes, then you’ve got your classic capes and it’s of course needless to say that the whole lot is 100% waterproof.

The CONCRETE JUNGLE BOOK once again proves that rain doesn’t have to be a cold wet burden. You just need the right gear.

But why talk about when you can check out the look book here or even better… shop the new collection!



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