Shine like a star!

Shine like a star!

Every month we would like to give some special attention to one of our products. Either because it has something special, or it fits with todays weather or it's simply a must-have. This month's item has all it all! Pssssst....if you read on you'll even find a surprise...;-D

This month we would like to give some extra attention to our beloved GIFT HORSE. The handiest packable jacket of the season.

The sun is finally out and trust us, this is thé perfect jacket for this occasion! Because this isn’t an ordinary rain jacket, little GIFT HORSE has some special powers up its sleeve that are caraaaazy delightful. It is super big in blasting storms and it can disappear in a tiny pouch, that fits snugly in your bag, when the sun bursts through.

And don’t be worried when dusk falls and it gets kinda dark outside. THE GIFT HORSE lightens up due to the reflective dots that makes your kid stand out in the crowd. Super safe and super fun!

If you would like to have it you'll get this one delivered for free! Just click here and use the code: ITEMOFTHEMONTH .

But be quick, before they run out!

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