Poppin’ hues / Frills + Flashing Pinstripes

Poppin’ hues / Frills + Flashing Pinstripes

AW17 is here!

Making a collection is a bit similar to getting a kid, well ok maybe it’s not completely the same... There are some differences obviously ;) But just like your mini-me, it’s a process. The shapes, colours, materials and character that finally develop are something you kinda predict... BUT THEN… all of a sudden, the collection takes an unexpected turn. Whut? Really?? Sometimes this is because of boring technical reasons but when it’s fun it’s because you get a major Eureka! moment that gives the collection the razzle-dazzle it deserves. In those moments you do a little dance, snap your fingers in a very sassy way and start moving your butt faster than penguins give each other high fives (it’s really fast, and happens very frequently). All in all it’s an organic process that can be rather stressful but more importantly: SUPER FUN!

So this blog is dedicated to the birth of our latest baby: Autumn / Winter 2017. It’s a little introduction to the fun new waterproofs that you can get all for yourself in our web shop and stores across the globe.

I must begin by stating that it’s kind of funny to write about the designing part because even though AW17 is in the store right now, in fashion-designing process it could be like a hundred years ago. I’m finishing up the designs of AW18 as we speak so maybe that puts things in (inception)-perception. One thing is certain though: we always like to keep things fresh, fun, super dry and extra exciting. So the styles have to be just this, next to being practical and well made.

As inspiration this season pays tribute to the playfulness of the city landscape of Amsterdam, full of shapes, vibrant colours and FRILLSSS! *Little fact: the whole GOSOAKY team lives in this metropolitan little village. I fell in love with the works of several cubic artists, and tried my very best not to make an ordinary colour-block, but one that dazzles and really stands out. Pretty nice huh? ;)

Besides this I made some crazy cool 4-in-1 jackets….whaaat?? Yes I really did; Jackets with detachable inner-jackets, which are reversible…. Pretty cool and very functional! To wear rain or shine! Very good for those who really can’t choose just the one look.

The Pinstripe also got a big revival this season…. Turns out they’re not just for businesspeople…. He he he…but also for our waterproofs! We made them reflective so no GOSOAKY kid will go unnoticed in the dark. A crucial thing now the summer is coming to a close and autumn is peeking around the corner. At GOSOAKY we have a craaazy positive, sky-is-the-limit attitude, especially concerning our garments. Haters will say that waterproofs can only go so far. They are always made out of the same PU material right?? WRONG! (And mega boring!). The new fabric development that I’m very proud of is our new coated sweat fabric: The inside feels and looks like sweater material…nice, soft…very good for pretending that you are super sporty when you are actually more in to lounging... And the coating on the outside makes sure that it’s super waterproof, no raindrop will go through! Great!! Now you can literally lounge in the rain. And it’s not just for the small ones! This season we present a new ‘grown up’ jacket in 3 colourways (including sweat). So you can finaly go twinning with your mini-me!

Good to know: The adult styles have special ‘bike-wings’….so you will never get wet legs again while cycling!

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Have a splashing day!

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