Magic and sunshine in China

Magic and sunshine in China

Here we are...Fleur and Urs…On the country-side in China!

Doing our super best to get another great collection ready to show at Playtime Paris!

Here we are...the two of us… On the country-side in China!What a beautiful day. 34 degrees Celsius and the sun is out.

Racing from sample-room to factory and back to get the perfect sample collection of our waterproof outerwear collection for spring summer 2018. We’re happy, because our Chinese team (almost all ladies..;-)..) is doing a great job!

A few days to go to get all the samples finished, so we’re in a big rush. But the girls here, that take care of the samples, love our brand so much that we’ve got no worries. It’s very nice to see that they do everything in their power to make it happen. Magic.

And next to the ss18 samples those girls are working on the autumn/winter 17 production. Complicated styles apparently but they are looking sooooo super nice already! Almost everything‘s under control. It feels good.

Tomorrow we need to do some more production checking; the autumn/winter 2017 collection is almost ready; colourblocked styles, coated sweat styles, reflective styles, biodegradable filling, 4-in-1 jackets….ah can’t wait to show it all to you.

Our 2nd day here is finished and now we are having a Tsingtao beer at the bar. Cheers! Exhausted but super satisfied. 2 down, 3 to go.

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