GOSOAKY and waterproofing go hand in hand. Like popcorn and movies or Bert and Ernie! In this episode of GOSOAKY TV, our favorite lab scientist Lee explains how waterproof a GOSOAKY really is.

Take a deeper dive in the world of waterproofing

Lee explains in the video that our jackets have a column pressure ranging between 5000mm to 8000mm. So what does that actually mean?

Well there are different degrees in how waterproof a material is. Depending on the material, the coating, how much of it is applied and if the seams have been hermetically sealed. “Water column pressure” is a term used to say how much units of water a material can handle before what’s underneath it gets wet.

To measure column pressure you have a cool test with a tube which is 2,5 cm in diameter. This is vertically placed on a piece of material, after which water is gradually poured into it. The level that the water is able to rise inside the tube before water leaks through the material lets you know how much the column pressure is.

Pretty cool right!

The units are measured from 0 to 30.000. The first meaning you will get soaked before you can say “ugh“ and the latter if you would like to live an aquatic life with the Snorkels. Our styles, which rage between 5000mm an 8000mm + have taped or sealed seams, ensure that you can do your thing, from city life to outdoor adventures, in a lot of rain, even heavy storms. Let’s GOSOAKY!

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