Hey amazing ladies! (and the cool gents that are reading ;-)

Happy international women’s day! Let’s never stop the fight for the rights of women everywhere. And celebrate being you, doing what you love, wearing what you want, making your own choices, feeling safe, having equal opportunities and being free.

Let no one rain on your parade!

We at GOSOAKY are a femme-fuelled fashion brand and embrace this every day. Founded by three boss ladies, our team actually only exist out of women!

None of us is the same, with different ages, style and backgrounds. But we are all ready to do our own thing and work hard every day to build what we love. We like to do nearly everything ourselves, from designing, building stuff, to sales & finance. Because we girls really can do it all :-D Oh yeah... keep an eye out because we will be introducing the team in the following weeks!

We have the hot mama’s, who manage to kick ass for the brand and then be amazing, loving mums at home. And not only mum’s work here, we also have power women that love kids but choose not to have them. It’s this mix of women that gives us so much inspiration, it keeps GOSOAKY fresh and most of all it’s so much fun!

Women’s day for us is not only standing up for our rights, but also supporting fellow women. Having your girls back, not judging each other’s lifestyle, looks and choices. Being able to be a true boss lady is about letting others shine too!

We love making people shine, for us it comes in the form of our waterproof outerwear.

Clothes not only show your personality but they also influence what you can do. Think about how women had to do everything in those tiny corsets to get an unnaturally small waist. Pretty limiting right? Once we women started getting more rights our clothes also became more comfy and free. Clothes might seem like such a small thing, maybe even the last thing on your mind when you’re running around, working hard and raising kids, But don’t forget to feel good in what you wear too. We want our kid’s to be able to play freely and not be limited by rain. That’s why we started making fashionable raincoats. But this is just as important for us women too! Wear something you love, what makes you feel confident, powerful and happy. This can be jogging pants or a Chanel suit. Who cares! Our designer Urs loves to rock her super high heels. I love my sneakers so I don’t fall over ;-)

We want to make you shine too, so all our adult styles have 20% discount!

Just use code: CELEBRATE_WOMEN_20

(It’s valid till 11/03 so you have the weekend, check out the collection here ;-)

Have a beautiful day and celebrate all the women around you!


Sietta and the rest of the GOSOAKY ladies

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