GRAND adventures (the movie edition)

GRAND adventures (the movie edition)

We’re heading towards that summer break in full speed. Skirts have replaced pants, the days are getting longer and fun outings are for the pickings!

We just love these carefree, end-of-spring days, the kids are playing outside and we get to catch some well-deserved sunrays. With the school year sorta-kinda getting to an end lot’s of exciting things are happening for the kids. Like school trips!

Mik (10), the eldest son of Fleur, one of the GOSOAKY founders recently went on his first one and was gone for a couple of days. Now that was very, very exciting (maybe even more so for Fleur ;)

These moments are amazing in parenthood and have a bittersweet feeling. Your small one is growing up fast and getting so crazily independent. It’s good to give them the freedom to create their own adventures but sometimes you can’t help but wonder what the heck they’re up to!

Of course we totally know what they’re up to, we secretly keep a watchful side-eye on their monkey business. But it’s good to give the impression that we don’t…. hehehe

In the light of all these exciting trips we wanted to give an ode to childhood adventures. Next to our dedication to cool waterproof outerwear for kids, we are also complete cinema nerds. So we figured that there was no better way to do this than through the movies. This blog features a list of our ultimate “kids out-on-grand adventure” films. These true classics should be watched at least a dozen times (maybe even more) and they have some good life lessons too. So grab yourself some popcorn, get extra comfy on the couch and watch these when your kids are out on a school trip adventure. And don’t miss out on the cool offer at the end of this blog…….


Yet another gem from Wes Anderson’s amazing treasury! We at GOSOAKY love all things Anderson, we even paid tribute to his nautical adventure drama “The Life Aquatic” with our last photoshoot. Read all about it right here. Moonrise Kingdom has all the elements of a great childhood adventure. An orphaned Boy Scout runs away with his pen-pal-girly-friend, and a youthful love develops between them. They camp out in the wild, have some geeky dance-offs in their underpants and share their first kiss. Meanwhile, basically everyone on the island is looking for these lost kids while they are having this sulky pre-teen fun. A true treat for the eye with some very dark humour. Yum!

E.T. (1982)

This Steven Spielberg classic has the best of both worlds: the styling is

top-notch 80’s realness (Stranger Things-lovers, eat your heart out!) and it’s extremely exciting. We can’t help but sit on the edge of our seats as a young boy named Elliot and his mega cute alien pal get into some pretty crazy situations. It portrays a beautiful story of friendship and how two very different creatures can teach each other lots of cool things. Needless to say is that the grown-ups try to spoil all the fun, making this a heart-breaking tale as well.


An epic tale of a clown fish dad looking for his lost clown fish kid called Nemo. Dad is overly protective. This pushes young Nemo to desire some adventure, even though he is repeatedly warned by dad to stay in the safe parts of the reef. Nemo accidently get’s captured by a dentist on a diving vacation and all hell breaks loose from there on.

It’s a great movie for both adults and kids and really makes you think about being a parent. How much freedom and independency do you want to give your kid? We love our kids to bits and want them to be safe from any harm possible but at some point they have to figure stuff out for themselves too. Each family is different so it’s super interesting how everyone deals with this. When would you let your kid go to school alone? What can and can’t they watch? Do you channel the tiger mums or are you more laid back Larry? We’d love to know!


If you haven’t seen this piece of art yet then you’d better get your butt on the couch ASAP! This beautiful Japanese animation, directed by Hayao Miyazaki and animated by Studio Ghibli, was voted 4th best film of the 21st century by 177 film critics from around the world. That’s pretty impressive no? Evenmore so because its so wild and original! The head protagonist is a 10 year old girl called Chihiro. She and her parents take a wrong turn and end up in a mysterious spirit world. Her parents stumble upon a grand buffet which they greedily stuff their faces with and are turned into pigs! Chihiro ends up working in this strange bath house for an evil witch and even stranger things happen.. Beautiful!


Or as we like to call her in The Netherlands: Pippi Langkous!

This is actually a series of TV episodes and movies, and it is super badass! The light-hearted Pippi (with her fire-engine-red ponytails) is a child hero and holds a very special place in our hearts. This girl might be small but she sure is strong. So strong that she can lift up a horse! She lives alone in this weird old house, has a pet monkey and befriends two neighbourhood kids named Tommy and Annika. Pippi doesn’t live with her parents (her father is out somewhere at sea) so she get’s to do whatever she likes. She shocks all the adults in the little Swedish town where they live, fights off bandits, can repair anything and cleans the house with brushes attached to her shoes (FASHUN). It’s ultimate girl power and Rihanna would totally want to hang out with her. We love to see girls be portrayed as confident, funny and independent. It’s important to have these figures around for kids to show you that you can look funky, go against the grain and be super nice at the same time. Important for both boys and girls! That’s why we always make sure that our clothes are super comfortable to wear too. Kids need to be able to play :D

The moral of the story is that kids (and big kids) just wanna have fun! We like to keep things fun any day of the year, rain or shine. Our summer collection is perfect to get your kids ready for any rainy situation. It has light and breathable styles too, which will come out handy with all that running about! Check it out right here.

Did you miss a must-see kids on adventure movie in this list? Let us know at and maybe you will receive a 15% discount code for your next web shop order!

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