Each month a member of the GOSOAKY crew presents their favourite item of the season. This time it’s Sietta from Marketing who’s rather crazy about little WHALE RIDER. Ready?


It should actually be RED-dy for this issue, guess why…. Because it’s all about red ;-) Don’t you feel like there's something quite special about this colour? Ask a random person what their favourite colour is and they will probably say red (or blue if you ask a person from the other most popular colour group). Approximately 77% of flags around the world include red. And let’s be honest, red is pretty fresh. Little Red Riding Hood knew it; even a wolf couldn’t mess up her game! And in film still featured below James Dean showcases a classic cool kid moment in “Rebel without a cause”. It’s super clear that red really does steal the show when others are wearing humble earth tones. Never forget that when you have a need-to-impress moment!



So it’s safe to say that outerwear in this colour is pretty striking, one of the reasons why I love this coach style jacket in HIGH RISK RED! Another reason is that it’s perfect for strolling around in while feeling confident and a little rebellious. It’s nice and breathable and you can get caught out in the rain without losing face because it’s waterproof. If you really feel like painting the town red (HA), then just pop your arms through the back straps and run around super man style. All good. Another important feature is that this jacket is also educational. We always wanted to know how to say GOSOAKY phonetically in Japanese (normal question right?). Well now you know too, because that’s what it says on the sleeves! And there is no need to worry now either if you are a messy eater and you are presented with a bowl of tomato soup. All in all you couldn’t really want more from a jacket if you ask me. Only problem is that it doesn’t come in my size. Good thing that it looks so much cuter on kids anyway!

Intrigued? Check out my fav right here!

If you are one of those people that says blue when asked for their favourite colour then today is your lucky day. WHALE RIDER comes in MOOD INDIGO too! Also pretty cool ^_^


*FILM STILL FROM: https://www.nfsa.gov.au/events/rebel-without-cause

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