In this edition of GOSOAKY LOVES, Sietta, our head of marketing, would like to present her favorite SS20 coat: STINGRAY CHARLES.

May I suggest you take this little waterproof parka in consideration? You wouldn’t think of a technical raincoat at first glance but being breathable with taped seams, a column pressure of 8000mm and an extra durable water repellent added to the outer material STINGRAY CHARLES sure is OUTERPROOF.

This coat would definitely have been on my childhood list of fabulous things I wanted to strut around in: pink, a hint of drama and a bucket hat. Come to think about it, nothing has changed!

It’s a classic number with a sleek twist due to the minimalistic finishes and invisible magnetic buttons. I have a terrible fear of getting my hair wet, as all the effort put into my hairdo quickly disappears and well, it’s cold and wet. So an alternative to a hood always grabs my curiosity.

A bucket hat even get’s my attention! (Thanks Leo ;-). As really any outfit get’s instant flair with this headgear.

A little history of the bucket hat

You might get some cool kid festival vibes when envisioning the bucket hat. Or perhaps an elderly man out fishing. That’s not strange; for the bucket hat has a long history in fashion, being utilized across different cultures and for multiple functions.

Round 1900 Irish fishermen rocked this look for the same reason as I still do: don’t like to get wet heads. During the 1960’s the bucket hat was adopted by the Mods as an ultimate go-to fashion accessory and the 80’s hip hop scene gave this head adornment extra flavour. LL Cool J being the poster child of bucket hat perfection.

A packable piece

It won’t happen often, but there are moments when you might not want to wear your bucket hat. STINGRAY CHARLES has a nifty solution for this: the bucket hat is packable! Just fold it inside out and use whenever.

Just like the bucket hat this parka will adapt to various situations and is here to stay due to the classic cut. Dress it up or down, from Spring to Autumn; form and function both get their moment to shine with STINGRAY CHARLES.

Now available in the GOSOAKY webshop.




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Models Judy Golm, Cherry Randall, and Jackie Bowyer pose in October 1965.sourceFox Photos/Stringer/Getty Images

LL Cool J in July 1987. Paul Natkin/Getty Images

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