Fun things to do in the rain

Fun things to do in the rain

It’s raining,…no it’s actually pouring! Your whole day is falling apart….and there’s no way out…all feels really boring—and it’s only 10 a.m. Does this ring a bell??

When the forecast is grim, cabin fever can set in super fast. You can curl up in front of the fireplace if you’ve got one…, or tv…but, let’s face it, sometimes you want different, fun things to do….outside….in the rain…. Yay!

And, well, if you have kids, better make a loooong menu of options….cause it rains al lot over here! No worries…We’ll help you with this.

Because heading outdoors to embrace the rain, can be rewarding for children and for yourself! Trust me…. (Pls note: Might be stating the obvious but outdoor rain activities are safe only when there is no chance of getting struck by lightning, hail or other severe weather. )

What about this;

Instead of telling your kids to avoid the puddles, encourage them to jump right in it for a splashing contest. And while doing that try to sing songs about the rain….as loud as you can! (‘singing in the rain’….‘raindrops keep falling’…‘het regent, het regent’….). This will be so much fun….for sure!

And if your kids are creative try this: Get a sheet of paper and sprinkle it with food coloring. Carefully carry the paper out into the rain. The raindrops mix with the food coloring to make one-of-a-kind pictures. Make sure to do this when it isn’t raining too hard, so the papersheets don’t get soggy. Maybe your kid turns out to be the new Jean-Michel Basquiat …

The garden is often the best place to be when it rains. Many water parks have a water sprinkling system that sprinkles water down from above. A rainy day like today offers you the same affect right in your own garden (or nearest park) . How super cool is that? Just lay down a big plastic sheet and create a waterslide. Then get out some waterballoons, waterpistols or guns and other watertoys ….see how much fun it will be (or even better when you have an actual slide in your garden, ….just add a little inflatable pool at the bottom of it to make it feel even more like a real water-circus attraction..).

A rainy day offers a large supply of mud already mixed for mud pie creations. Grab a few pie plates or muffin tins and head outside to let the kids do a treasure hunt. Let them look out for any rocks, leaves, pinecones and other natural items so they can make the best mud pies and garnish them with all the treasures they’ve found. How cool will those mud pies look?? Yummie!

Or, just take a ball out into the garden or the nearest park and have a game of “Soggy Soccer”. Sure that this will result into some slipping and sliding in the mud, which is always a winner with the kids!

So what are you waiting for?? Pop on those wellies and your GOSOAKY waterproofs and head outside for some rainy day fun!

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Picture credits: Adrianne Miller Roberts (via Rogue Lifestyle)

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