Blue Monday Blue Shmonday

Blue Monday Blue Shmonday

Are you feeling a bit blue today? Is this weird?? Well it is blue Monday today, so that could be an explanation! Oh nooooh! Or is it just because you had to leave your warm bed this morning? According to British Psychologist Cliff Arnall it is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. YUK! This most dreaded day usually happens round the last full week of January, but it is also possible to happen on the third Monday of this month.

But what is this all about you ask? Good question!

Well, Blue Monday comes from feeling blue, sad, down, drake. A loooooong time ago, when people were more about ships and horses than hovercrafts and rockets, the crew of a ship would paint a blue ribbon around the vessel and sail with a blue flag when the captain passed away. Showing everyone they had the “blues”, and were mourning their loss.

So in 2005 Cliff Arnall came up with a formula that was able to point out that this particular Monday was considered the worst of all. All the failed new year’s resolutions, the holidays still sooo far away, and summer too and not to forget it is the first day of the workweek…

'Blue Monday' is mostly a Western-Europe’s and North American phenomenon. We get kinda crabby about it. In India they see it in a more glass half full kinda way, instead of crying about it they celebrate the change to longer days. They look at it from the “Brightside”, from this day the sunrises a bit earlier each day!

Oh and actually, blue is a pretty awesome colour. I mean our sky is blue, the smurfs are blue, cookie monster is blue, Dory is blue, our amazing Elephant Man comes in French Blue! The list is endless, could this all be mere coincidence? I think not!

Even though it can be a rainy and drizzling day, let’s make it a dazzling one!

Here at GOSOAKY we always look at the bright/dry side of life. A few things you could do to survive this day:

  • Puddle jumping in your favourite GOSOAKY outerwear
  • Fake laughing, eventually you’ll start laughing for real (does need some explanation for colleagues, they might think you’ve gone a little mad)
  • Make some cupcakes or macarons, maybe be cheeky and make them blue Yummie!
  • Go to the gym, Yes we went there...
  • Think of a brand new dance routine, puddle break dancing really works for us.
  • Write a letter to a special person! Or better, make prank calls!
  • Karaoke! SAY NO MORE! Yay!!

So to shine some (blue) new light on this subject, we hope you have a super amazing day and that your frown is turned upside down after these anti-blue vibe TO-DO’s

Soooo, feeling that extra (French)Blue Monday today? To help you get through this dreadful day we at GOSOAKY have free shipping until Friday for everyone in Europe!

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Well that's all for now! Hope you'll enjoy!

Grover and out

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