Small things really matter

Small things really matter

Happy birthday to us!

Wow time flies when you’re having fun!

Two weeks ago when we were in Paris for the fair 'PLAYTIME Paris', GOSOAKY turned 2! The terrific 2! Yay! So cool!

It seems like it was yesterday, that we met up in a cafe for some drinks and it was raining cats and dogs. Fleur carried 3 kids on her bike that day, like a proper train. Usually it looks like fun, but this day, due to the rain, it all looked really sad.

So we got this true epiphany! Let’s turn all drizzling days into dazzeling ones! And from that day on we stepped into some kind of a rollercoaster and GOSOAKY was born. What a adventure!! Focussed on one thing, and one thing only...

Making the best waterproof outerwear for kids in the whole wide world;

fresh, essential, functional, innovative ánd fashionable. With high quality fabrics and trims. The perfect garments for adventures, having fun and looking good.

So here we are, 2 years later, still having a lot of fun. Not just with the three of us anymore either….we’ve hired our first employee: Sietta! (AKA 'T'...don't ask why...haha) A million different glasses, sometimes braids sometimes curls and super duper enthusiastic!

As you see things are going really well, we never have a lazy day. We keep challenging ourselves. Just wait and see….mhuhaaha…

Today we have over 200 sales points in the whole world…..yes, slowly our dream of every kid becoming a GOSOAKY kid is coming true!

Celebrate with us! Why not buy a GIFTHORSE today? ;-) (Reflective and packable!) This one is now available with a party discount of 20% by using the code: 2-year-anniversary.

Love you all!

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