Back to School

Back to School

It’s not quite over yet but the summer is coming to an end. BOOOOOOO!!! Which means something very exciting is happening…

The kids are going back to school! Some kids are jumping up and down with excitement whilst others are playing the denial game because shouldn’t summer vacation be an all year thing? (I might be on this team). And it’s not just exciting for the small ones. It’s kind f a big deal for us big people too!

Maybe your small one is going to school for the first time this year. That’s weird right?! Your week will look so different, more time for yourself or work. More time to do weird new things like aerial yoga or learning how to breakdance (go on give it a go it is actually really fun ;) But it’s also bittersweet of course, letting go and moving on to this new stage in your kid’s life.

Maybe you are used to the back to school thing by now and it’s your kid that’s getting bored with the summer vacation. Why are all my friends gone!? Good question, summer can be crazy boring when there is no one fun to hang with! In that case the start of school is the start of super fun friend times and of course learning all the new stuff, ja ja ;)

Maybe the start of school is a hard time for your family. Your kid might need extra help with the classes or isn’t having a great time with the other kids. This can be a very rough period for your kid and your role as parents is even harder because you want to do the best you can for the small one and see them super happy and doing good.

And what about the teens that are going to high school for the first time? Now that is crazy exciting! Getting all the books and tools and then just the nerve-racking times of going to a whole new school…filled with teens. I’m still a little amazed thinking back to the days when I was walking the school halls as a nerdy twelve year old with my mega bag of books, questionable fashion sense and trying to look super nonchalant whilst the older kids scowled… EEEK! How do you prep your teen to go into this full of positivity and confidence? We would love to know!

One thing we do know though is that the start of school also means you can get some cool new gear to start the year fresh and looking great. Buying a (rain) coat can feel like a treat and get you into the mood of fall. Let's make it rain people! And a good back pack to carry all the school stuff and to just have your back in general is essential of course. Because there are no big people to carry all your stuff around anymore. HA!

That’s why we have a mega fun BACK TO SCHOOL give away! Yeaah you can win the amazing GIDDY GOAT. The perfect waterproof coated denim backpack for your kid to rock at the school :D

Just go to the Instagram link here

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We wish all the kids that are going to school this year lots of fun and happiness!

And the big kids too of course ;)



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