Steal a glance at our world

Posted on 30 March 2017 by GOSOAKY

So many ways in which those rain drops fall from the sky. Imagine if you experienced rain for the first time again, would be pretty weird right? And what about those glorious baths that we call "puddles"? The perfect pools for your very own urban playground. Just jumping through the puddles with a big silly smile on your face. Not a bad way to live, right? Here at GOSOAKY we like to see life as this playground. A place where normal stuff becomes extraordinary stuff. In this blog we are super excited to share things that happen behind the scenes at GOSOAKY, while creating our waterproof outerwear collections, share tips, facts and cool new finds. All the things that makes us want to jump through puddles wearing that big silly smile. Things that make one chuckle and inspire to go on those ‘rain-filled adventures’.