Rain / Shine / Storm or Drizzle

Posted on 3 May 2017 by GOSOAKY
Meet Mik

Today we’re having a photo shoot outside in our hood. Meet Mik. Mik is almost 9 years old and he's very into StarWars, hockey and Fidget handspinners. He's a total star with those! His favorite subject at school is drawing and he loves Indonesian food especially when his super dad has made it. 

He has two little sisters. Lee and Cleo. They own two rabbits called Tiny and Harry, named ofter their grandparents. They must be very proud. ;-) But Mik is not very into them, he finds them boring... Mik’s favorite raincoat is the Citrus coloured Wild Geese. He thinks it makes him look like a real rockstar… 

You can order it here if you wanna…

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