Mini models and big balloons

Posted on 10 June 2017 by GOSOAKY
Blog Ss18 Shoot

For weeks we have been running around, making sure that the outfits are juuust perfect, building props and scouting the coolest kids.

And then it finally happened today... The Spring / Summer 18 photo shoot!

It wouldn’t be GOSOAKY without a whole lot of fun and we will admit, very crazy moments. The kids and their parents arrived at the studio, which we had filled from floor to ceiling with enormous white balloons. Arie de Leeuw, our absolute favourite photographer, who’s always ready for, and never afraid of, a new adventure with us was at the ready to capture the wild bunch. Because a kid’s photo shoot isn’t like your regular set. It’s anything but static and controlled. Here the kids run around, play with each other and dance to their favourite tunes.

To make this a success it’s pretty important to be way cooler than you thought possible and be just as go with the flow as the little ones. This means that things can change last minute, which also results in exciting images that we couldn’t have predicted. Jitske Serné, the queen of hair and make-up turned out to be an absolute super star with serious octopus-like multitasking skills. This lady made the kids look super great, entertained them and kept the whole place neat without breaking a sweat. How does she do it!?

And we couldn’t be happier with these 13 wild cuties. We had some familiar faces, including the lovely twins (that we actually scouted on the street with their mum), next to some awesome new faces. They all looked amazing, striking some very cool poses and most importantly also had a lot of fun.

All in all, the day was more than we could have hoped for. We can’t wait to show the results very soon!