5 Things to do with your GOSOAKY

Posted on 12 April 2019 by GOSOAKY

Some people think that jackets are just garments designed to cover your upper body. Or that a raincoat is only something to wear when it’s raining cats and dogs. But did you know that you can do so much more with your GOSOAKY? May I suggest you try one of the following…

So you thought singing in the rain was cool? Why not try dancing in the rain! We highly suggest breakdance but in theory any style of dance is cool when practiced in a puddle. All you need is a puddle (if it’s dry and you don’t want to mess up the floorboards you could also draw a puddle on a big sheet of paper). Then put on some fresh tunes and wave you arms around while also moving your legs. Preferably to the beat, but that’s up to you. It’s your show!

What’s more fun than waterproof outerwear? A cape. There I said it. Why did we stop wearing this cool apparel? Luckily styles like GOLDEN GOOSE, DANCING CAT and WHALE RIDER feature back-straps. That way you can wear your GOSOAKY like your favourite super hero (or villain) would do. Another plus is that the parents don’t have to play donkey when you don’t feel like wearing your coat in the classical way.

Sometimes waving hello or goodbye the regular way just doesn’t cut it. To be honest, we really have seen it all before. So why not rock someone’s day by waving with your hand-shaped pockets? They’ll never see it coming! All you need is a pair of HIDDEN DRAGON pants and your ready to go!

A game that never ceases to bore is hide and seek! It’s best if you play it with more than one person of course. People sometimes underestimate how much power their clothes have. Look down at your coat. Is it blue? Quick go hide somewhere blue! Camouflage? Jump in the bushes! Simple right?

Now this might seem like an arbitrary suggestion. Because really, how can you be too cool for school? Well, let me tell you… First, you really do have to go to school. Then just be you! Wear your fav thing, make it extra you with unexpected details. Could be gold chains, could be pants with dots, who knows! Then show off with some puddle breakdancing or just give them a pocket wave and you are.. SET!

There are of course many more amazing things you can do with your GOSOAKY.

We would love to know your special tips! Send us a picture to hello@gosoaky.com of your fav alternative GOSOAKY usage and get featured on our Insta!